Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Post #4

Started to play around with the building's silhouettes by doing some very basic sketches in illustrator. These are just to help me get an idea for the form and direction I'm going with the building itself. In the 4th piece I took it a bit further and played around with a second perspective on it. I like the idea of building the piece up like in the third version, so that its sort of this leaning tower cottage. However, the 4th piece fits better in with the general style of English cottages and estates. I think I may need to explore these in a 3D format before I make a final decision on which silhouette to go with. From there I can plan it out better to where the building actually makes sense from an architectural and functional perspective.

Version 1:Version 2:
Version 3:

version 4:


  1. I'm definitely liking version 4 better than the others. However, there's still something that bothers me in how the extension slants downwards. Having thought about it for a few minutes, I think the problem lies in that the roof of the ramp doesn't slope with the floor, which creates a sort of unsettling feeling to me.

    A couple of ideas that might help:

    1. Make the roof slant away from the main structure as well.

    2. Make the floor section more arched shaped.

  2. Hey, it's Leng from Studio I. I snuck in through Ben's blog :D

    Thumbs way up on 1st profile on version 4. I like it more because it looks structurally sound and is visually interesting (totally diggin that bridge).

    I agree with Ben about the slant on the 2nd profile in version 4. It's kind of an odd angle to use as a floor high up. Perhaps make it perfectly leveled or arch it like Ben suggested.