Friday, July 2, 2010

Long time no Write

Yeah its been a while, I apologize.

I've decided to keep with Emerson as a project but I'm gonna revamp it. I.E. start all over from concept up. I'm thinking of ditching melding it all into a single house and trying for a more complex and rounded scene, i.e. a village layout. So basically Emerson is gonna get cut up and redistributed. Also the setting is gonna change slightly. Rather than being English specific I'm gonna broaden the context a bit and think more along the lines of farm settlements. Basically its gonna be more of a fusion of new world and old world stuff.

To get back into the swing of things, I started working on a windmill a couple weeks ago, after buying a new reference book of farmsteads. I THOUGHT it would be a relatively simple construct to warm up with. What I didn't realize is A. that American style windmills are more complex than you think and B. Dragon Age: Origins is a really addictive game.

Based on the research I've been doing on these kind of structures the mechanics in the upper part, that help pivot the wheel and so forth are pretty intricate especially in more modern models. I decided to dumb it down a lot for the sake of polys and can hopefully make it look believable with texturing as opposed to modeling every gear and socket. Not to mention its way up top, where you will rarely see it. All in all, its Just over 2000 tris, which is a lot better than I thought it was going to be initially. It's been unwrapped and now needs to be textured. I'm thinking of trying something interesting with this project in that I'll be doing my usual photo real type textures but I also want to play around some more with hand painted stylized. I really like the details in Dragon Age which is sort of border line between trying to be highly detailed realistic and more simplified and painterly.

So basically. . . double the texturing for objects, at least for a few, just as kind of an experiment. I'm starting to think that probably wont' show very well on such a thin structure but we shall see. I'm mostly excited to get back into photo real stuff though, after doing Rifts slightly stylized stuff and then redoing Bonabba in a hand painted style. I really should go out and take some textures around town in my free time.

Anywho . . how bout some occlusion passes, since everyone loves those! I also want to finally zbrush that well I had started last winter since I still want to use it.