Thursday, October 8, 2009

Post #13

Update update update.

So after being distracted for the past week with zBrush stuff, I can finally begin modeling the building structure itself. I'm putting my concept art on the back burner for now, and will cut away at it little by little hopefully.

After much research and a discussion with Prof. Cookson, I've been debating on how to go about doing the structure itself. Its a bit too quirky of a building to be built modularly (or at least I think so)but my main concern is making sure I can get highly detailed textures without having to worry about limited UV space. So, I've decided to break the building up into sections (mostly based on the style) and will lay out the Uv's like that. I think all window assets will be on one UV space, same with the doors. The roof is probably the only part that will be truly modular, though only time will tell. . .

Here's just a work in progress screen shot. Too busy right now to bother with an occlusion or fancy render.

You may notice my super big grid space. I took extra special care to make sure that the maya units are equal to UT3 units while also giving me a big enough space to make my measurements. I also have a little "dummy" who's currently acting as my actor, helping me to scale things properly. I have a feeling that I may do some swapping around with the scaleling of the building in the coming week or 2.

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